Unconventional thinking. Meaningful solutions.

Our Story

InnoVital Systems, Inc. is an advanced technology company headquartered in Beltsville, MD.  InnoVital was spun out of Techno-Sciences, Inc., the Maryland Tech Council High Technology Company of the Year in 2010 and Deloitte Fast 500 Awardee in 2009, 2011, and 2012.  InnoVital has two operating units, InnoVital Defense and InnoVital Health.

InnoVital Defense

Comprised of Techno-Science’s former Advanced Technology Division, InnoVital continues its strong tradition of service to the US government.  InnoVital’s team of engineers continues to develop and provide novel products and services to the military and other government agencies. InnoVital Defense’s expanding list of core competencies include advanced occupant protection systems, novel actuation and sensing technologies, structural health monitoring systems, robotics, signal processing and control, and cutting edge electronics and software design.

InnoVital Health

InnoVital Health was born out of a series of conversations between our core team members – physicians, engineers and entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about solving important problems.

Inspired to act by the limitations of today’s medicine and the possibilities of a better tomorrow, and powered by a multidisciplinary group of creative clinicians and engineers, InnoVital Health is poised to make new and meaningful medical device solutions available to patients.

InnoVital starts with problems that are aching for better solutions:

  • How can we help people with lung disease breathe better?
  • How can we help caregivers perform emergency procedures quickly, accurately and safely?
  • How can we help people gain insight into their hydration status and the effect it has on their health and performance?

Our unconventional approach combines insights from the clinic, ER, OR and ICU with deep knowledge of product design, advanced sensor and actuator technologies, signal processing and control theory, and cutting edge electronics and software design to build products that improve health and quality of life.


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